Favorite movies of the 1900s

This is the first entry in a series of posts that will feature my favorite movies through the decades. I decided to start with the 1900s. However, after starting this post I had to put it on hold after realizing I really had no idea what my favorite films of the 1900s are. 😜 I’m… Read more Favorite movies of the 1900s

“Light” Escapist TV

I’m really enjoying the new PBS / Masterpiece reboot of All Creatures Great and Small. I can’t compare it to the original as I’ve yet to see that one. But it’s a beautiful escape into the Yorkshire countryside in the 1930s. Nothing, however, can beat the sun-kissed bliss of The Durrells in Corfu. This series… Read more “Light” Escapist TV

Christmas Record Collection

Every year on Black Friday, I start getting really excited about Christmas, but I refuse to go to any big box stores to participate in the commercial extravaganza. Instead, in what seems to be becoming a “day after Thanksgiving” tradition for me and my girls, I stopped by one of my favorite secondhand stores, The… Read more Christmas Record Collection


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