Christmas Jazz

I thought I should get a post in for December so that I have one per month since I started this blog.

One of my favorite personal Christmas traditions is to listen to my collection of jazz renditions of Christmas tunes. I have a few actual albums (LPs and CDs), but now that Apple Music is in my life, there are oh so many more digital versions to explore.

For now, here is my small real-world collection. I’ll start with my two most cherished, and hopefully complete this post tomorrow (the last day of December).

God Rest Ye Merry Jazzmen

Jingle Bell Jazz 

I originally discovered these two albums on cassette tape. (Cassettes!)  I’ve since replaced them with vinyl versions. Good thing I did, especially for Jingle Bell Jazz.  If you click the link I posted for it above, it will take you to a nice little history of this album, which will actually explain why it’s so great I have both of these on original vinyl. 🙂

More to come…

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